Adult Bible Fellowships

This practice of the early church is just as essential in the church today. Believers need to be in the Word and believers need to be active in fellowship.

The ABF ministry at Calvary seeks to bring both of these key components of spiritual growth - relationships and Bible study - together. Our Adult Bible Fellowships are communities of adults committed to knowing and applying the Word (Bible) together in Christian fellowship to bring about care, discipleship, and outreach. "Fellowship around the Word" is the goal.

We presently have 12 different ABF classes at Calvary ranging in size from 10 - 80 people - each of them has a unique personality, but all are striving toward the goal of building meaningful relationships centered upon the Word of God. The Lord has gifted Calvary with both laymen and pastoral/seminary staff members who teach the Word on a weekly basis. Classes meet from 9:15-10:15 a.m. each Sunday morning. Please join us as we "Study the Word and Build Relationships."


  • Just barely over the hill!
  • Teacher: Marv Brown
  • Location: 2nd Floor Conference Room


  • Senior Saints 70
  • Teacher: Honore Afolabi
  • Location: Main Auditorium Wing

Common Ground

  • 20s & 30s
  • Teacher: Troy Gahman
  • Location: Seminary Room A


  • Middle adult 35 - 50
  • Teachers: Doug Finkbeiner & Sam Harbin
  • Location: Chapel


  • Foundations Christian Pre-School Parents
  • Teacher: Randy Thaxton
  • Location: Seminary Room D


  • Young Marrieds & Career Singles
  • Teacher: Tim McGlocklin
  • Location: Seminary Room C


  • Intergenerational (30s-60s)
  • Teacher: Forrest Chapman
  • Location: Adult Fellowship Hall


  • Mature adults 55 - 65
  • Teacher: Tim Jordan & Jeff Tuttle
  • Location: Main Auditorium Wing


  • 30s
  • Teacher: Ben Tuttle
  • Location: Seminary Room B

Singles 35

  • Single Adults age 35 and up
  • Teacher: Kevin Ryan
  • Location: Room 304


  • New and recently married couples
  • Teacher: Paul Snyder
  • Location: First Floor Conference Room

College and Early Twenties

  • College and early twenty singles
  • Teacher: Tim Jordan 2
  • Location: School Library