Building "fellowship around the Word" is one of the core values of our Adult Ministries at Calvary. We are seeking to encourage genuine Biblical fellowship and provide opportunities for deep, personal relationships to be developed through...Read More>


Located in the Welcome Center, our bookstore is filled with books, cards, Bibles, and Christian music. Most prices are discounted, and if we don’t carry what you are looking for, we’ll order it. Feel free to stop in, and if you...Read More>

Camp Calvary

Camp Calvary is located in the Blue Mountains of beautiful Berks County and offers a year-round camping program. Camp Calvary has been in ministry for over 30 years and serves over 5,000 campers each year. Visit Site>


At times the world is a conveyor of false information and even flat-out lies. Children are bombarded with this through books, movies, the internet and computer games. Our goal in the Children’s Ministry is to teach children... Read More>

Finance Ministry

The mission of the Finance Ministry is to support and serve the members and ministries of Calvary Baptist Church in the area of financial management. They prepare the budgets for the church, school, preschool, camp, bookstore... Read More>


We believe that God has given the Great Commission to proclaim the Gospel to all nations so that there might be a great multitude from every nation, tribe, ethnic group, and language group who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. As ambassadors of Christ... Read More>

Music & Media

M&M Team is here for one reason – to help facilitate the worship service each week. Our goal is simple, we want everyone attending to worship God in spirit and truth without distraction. If you are interested in participating in either the Music or Media side of the ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Read More>


The outreach ministry of Calvary Baptist Church emphasizes equipping Christians to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ both in what they say and in what they do. We accomplish this through individual training...Read More>

Calvary Baptist School

Calvary Baptist School exists to assist parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children. We seek to provide a quality education for grades K-12 in a Christ-honoring environment. Visit Site>

Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary

The mission of Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by preparing individuals for ministry as godly, servant-leaders of local churches worldwide through the combination of instruction in the Scriptures with theological education and training in ministry skills. Visit Site>


We don’t look at marital status as being the most important thing here at Calvary. Instead, the most important thing is that this group of people, here at this church, are serving, sharing, and worshipping together. The singles ministry is designed...Read More>


God has given us an awesome group of teens who love God and love each other. We want to be unified together around our Jesus. Come out and worship our God with us! Stand together as one for the Gospel! (Phil. 1:27) Read More>