Back To The Bible

Sunday Nights from 6:30-7:30pm

The Holy Spirit in the Bible

What do we know about this Holy Spirit that we so desperately need to live as Christians? In this next seminar, we will be focusing on the Holy Spirit Himself, as He is presented in the Bible. We will consider His identity, personality, and character; His importance to the Trinity and to us; His work and activities in Bible history (past, present, and future); His beneficial blessings to us; and our responsibilities and responses to Him. If we are to effectively walk in the Spirit, we really need to know Him and how He works.
You can email Scott Finkbeiner to find out more about this seminar. 

Pressing Issues Facing the Church

This seminar will be a panel-style based conversation. In this seminar we will talk about challenges facing the church from our culture and how we biblically respond to those challenge with grace and truth.
We will discuss the Church's...
collision with culture
life in a sinful world
response to pornography crazed culture
fractured and broken relationships
the need for the church to return to its core mission
marriage with politics
the effects of isolation

You can email Jordan Clark to find out more about this class.