What has happened?

  • The congregation voted to approve the use of The Center (April 26th).
  • We conducted a comprehensive church-wide survey regarding the health of Calvary Baptist Church (June-August).
  • The Center met with the Elders to present the Executive Summary based on the data gathered from surveys and phone interviews (September 30th).
  • The Center presented their findings to the congregation (October 25th).
  • An open email address was provided for anonymous feedback (November 15th).
  • In-person Focus groups were organized to gather further feedback (December).
  • The Center presented their next steps recommendation to the Elders (January 18th).
  • The Elders met to discuss the next step recommendations to determine our best path forward (January 21st).
  • The ministry staff presented an overview of these recommendations centered around Unity, Identity, and Community (January 24th).
  • Elders appoint 60-Day Task Force appointed to evaluate the idea of Calvary Baptist School moving to organizational independence. The full announcement about the school can be found under the video here to the right (February 14th). 

"Next Steps" Update (1/24/2021)

What's Next?

  • The pastoral search committee will continue to fill out our pastoral profile. Once that is complete, they will begin to receive resumes from potential candidates.
  • A School Task Force will evaluate the school's financial and organization needs over the next 60 days with the goal of bringing a proposal to the elders regarding the viability of Calvary Baptist School becoming organizationally independent (February 14th). 
  • On February 21st, our ministry team will be sharing our ministry goals for the next three years, as well as our strategies and tactics to achieve those goals over that period of time at Calvary.

How can I be involved?

  • You can submit any questions you have about our transition to the search committee by using the button below. 
  • You can commit to serving in an area of emphasis and need. 
  • You can be equipped through Adult Bible Fellowships and Back to The Bible Seminars. 
  • You can connect to a small group where you can belong. 
  • You can choose to engage with us and move forward together in unity. 
  • You can pray using the guide in the next section. 

How can I pray?

Pray that...
James 1:5
God will make His wisdom and will clear.
Pray that...
Philippians 2:3-4
Our attitude will be like Jesus' attitude.
Pray that...
Proverbs 3:5-6
Our trust will be in God, not in ourselves.
Pray that...
1 Corinthians 15:58
Our actions will remain faithful.

Be a part of our journey

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:30am  in person and online