The Adult Bible Fellowship Hour (9:30am) for Sunday, January 9th, is cancelled due to inclement weather


What do you do when you disagree with other Christians? How do you determine which convictions are negotiable and which are not? How do you get along with people who “believe” differently on the application of biblical principles to a modern circumstance? These questions have to do with the conscience. There is hardly a more neglected topic among Christians. In this class (primarily based on the book “Conscience” by Andrew Naselli and J.D.Crawley), we will explore approximately thirty passages in the New Testament that deal with conscience. As you come to see your conscience as a gift from God and learn how to calibrate it under the lordship of Jesus Christ, you will not only experience the freedom of a clear conscience but also discover how to lovingly interact with those who hold different convictions.
You can email Ben Tuttle to find out more about this class. 

Courage in a Contrary Culture

We will be studying 1 Peter in this class. It is a wonderful book to help us navigate our world today that is becoming more and more of a culture that is running as far away from God as fast as it can.
This class is also being recorded and the lesson archive can be found at the bottom of this page.
You can email Jordan Clark or John Moore to find out more about this class. 

The Holy Spirit and Prayer

We are excited about this class and our opportunity to focus on two topics that are not frequently discussed (to our spiritual detriment). The first topic is the Holy Spirit—called by many the “Forgotten Member of the Trinity".  In fact, the Holy Spirit is no less God than Jesus or the Father, and we will look at the crucial, divine role that the Holy Spirit fulfills in our lives. Our second class topic will be our prayer lives. Like the Holy Spirit, our prayer lives have been, in many ways, forgotten. We will look at the crucial role prayer fulfills in our spiritual lives and how it is actually our highest form of praise.
You can email Rob Clarke or Tim Hampton  to find out more about this class. 

Essentials of the Faith

Are you a new believer looking to learn more about God or maybe you have been a Christian for a long time, but you want to continue to reinforce your faith? This is an amazing class for new believers and older believers to dive into what the essential components of our faith are.
You can email Kevin Carmichael to find out more about this class. 

College and Young Adults

This class is specifically designed for college-age and young adults.
The content in this class will be practical and will target application for the age range.
In this class we are currently talking about emotions. Emotions, we all have them! Some of us freely express our emotions, and some of us try to hide them. Nothing is wrong with having negative emotions. God created us to be emotional beings, but the challenge comes with how we express those emotions. Through the Psalms, we will discover how to convey our own emotions in healthy ways.
You can email Steve Sauers  or Mike Fadner to find out more about this class.