We are gathering INSIDE at 10:30am on Sunday with no ABF hour prior

The Parables

In this class, we are exploring the marvelous teachings of Jesus together through the parables He taught.
You can email Jordan Clark to find out more about this class. 

The Armor of God

We will be studying the armor of God in this class. God has given us everything we need to stand firm against Satan and his attacks. The question for us is, "Will we put our 'armor' on daily and find?"
You can email Ben Tuttle to find out more about this class. 


Are you a new believer looking to learn more about God or maybe you have been a Christian for a long time, but you want to continue to reinforce your faith? This is an amazing class for new believers and older believers to dive into what the essential components of our faith are.
You can email Kevin Carmichael to find out more about this class. 

College and Young Adults

This class is specifically designed for college-age and young adults.
The content in this class will be practical and will target application for the age range.
You can email Steve Sauers  or Mike Fadner to find out more about this class.