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The 5 Adult Rule

RULES?! Rules are annoying! Why do we need more rules??!!? Yes, I get it, but rules are often put in place as guidelines or boundaries to keep us (or our kids) on the right track. So when I talk about a "rule," it's not an institutional demand set in stone, with a punishment that includes 50 lashes with a wet pool noodle (no thanks!) if it's broken. But when I say "rule," I'm talking about a guiding principle that allows us to connect with teens in deeper, more meaningful ways, and builds their faith.
One of these "rules" I have as a goal for teen ministry at Calvary is called the "Five Adult Rule."
Our goal in teen ministry is for every single one of our teens to intentionally connect every teen in our ministry 5 adults outside of their immediate family in our church. This doesn't mean teens have to have BFF relationships with each of those 5 adults, but it's the connection that counts. So when we talk about teens connecting in Explore and TYC, it's not because of the program, but it's becasue of the people we want them connected to. If teens attend both Explore and TYC, they are automatically connected with 4 adult relationships right off the bat. That's why we structure our enviornments the way we do by breaking them down into smaller groups. We also then encourage our teens to jump in and serve somewhere, which naturally has other adults connected and serving in those enviornments as well. That's why we encourage our teens to engage and be a part of our both enviornments on a regular because we have adults who love them, care for them, and want them to see your teen(s) grow in their faith.
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