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Parent Conversation Guide (5.25.22)

Passage: Psalm 13

Overview: In Psalm 13, David is wrestling (maybe fighting is a better word) with God's promises and God's actions. God promised that David would be king, but after 30 years of running for his life, David is a bit fed up. He is wavering on whether God will hold true to His promises. In this Psalm, David illustrates for us how we can wrestle with hard things in life and have them drive us to greater dependance on God.

What do we want our teens to know?
  • God's Word and God's actions are not opposed to each other. 
  • Who God is

What do we want our teens to do?
  • Run to God
  • Remember God's promises
  • Rely on God's people

Ways to follow up with your teen this coming week:
  • Be open with your doubts and questions about God along your journey of following Him. 
  • When your teen shares dissapointments with you that they are experiencing, continually point them back to God using this to work in their life. 

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