Calvary Kidz Sunday

CalvaryKidz Sunday is packed with three epic
opportunities for kids to play, have fun, and learn about Jesus. 

Bible Time (10:45-11:45 am Sunday Mornings)

Calvary Kidz Bible Time is the artist formerly known as “junior church.”  But there’s no such thing as junior church.  We are just “the church.”  Old or young, believers in Jesus are the church.  This is Calvary Kidz Bible Time and this is where preaching happens for kids.  Kids will enjoy games, fun, and Bible preaching. 

Gospel Story Hour (9:15-10:15 am Sunday Mornings)

Gospel Story Hour is the artist formerly known as Sunday School. But who wants to go to school on Sunday? Rather, this is a fun, relational time where kids get to interact with kids their own age, and learn the Bible at their level. The Bible is many things, but at its most basic, it is a story.  That story is about a Person, and that Person is Jesus.

Know Your Bible, Know Your God (6:00-7:30 pm Sunday Nights)

Know Your Bible, Know Your God is our unique ministry of discipleship for kids that takes place on Sunday nights at 6 pm.  The premise is this: God reveals Himself to people through His word.  Therefore, let’s learn our Bible so that we can know our God.  Kids learn the basic story of the Bible, great chapters of the Bible and how they fit into the one main story, the structure of the Bible, the books of the Bible, and so much more!

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